3 Reasons To Buy Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture As A Young Adult

Many young individuals prioritize low-cost and unassembled furniture when furnishing their home. However, this type of furniture has major caveats, such as not being known for lasting a long time. With proper care and following a few tips, you can maximize its lifespan. Alternatively, you can just get super-cheap used furniture and save up money to buy solid wood bedroom furniture in the meantime. Getting high-quality furniture at such a young age will benefit you in many ways. Read More 

Turning Barn Wood Into Beautiful Decor

Barn wood is usually weathered and worn, but it can make for some really lovely home decor project ideas. If you have access to this type of wood and want to repurpose it, here are some crafty ideas to try at home that will add interest to your interior design. Shapes And Letters You can take old barn wood and cut it into a variety of fun shapes, letters, and numbers. Read More 

Mastering The Art Of Multi-Purpose Furniture In Your Micro-Home

Designing a micro-home is a great project that brings a lot of benefits -- simpler living, less clutter, less maintenance and a more focused existence. But it can be daunting to figure out how to fit all that you need to have a comfortable home into something that may be only 15 to 40 square meters. The trick is to choose multi-functional furnishings whenever possible. Check out these 7 ideas to get you started. Read More 

When Brown Meets White, It’s A Decorating Delight For A Living Room Makeover

When it comes to colors that match delightfully, you need to look no further than brown and white. Sophisticated, yet simple, the combination of brown and white works well for both traditional and contemporary decorating styles. Knowing how to coordinate brown and white in interior design will add a perfect balance of color to your living room. Options for walls and trim The color you choose for the walls will determine what color of paint you should use for the trim. Read More 

Chalk Paint: What It Is And How To Use It

A new product has hit the interior paint market--chalk paint. There are a lot of questions surrounding what it is and how to use it, since it is nothing like traditional furniture or house paint. At the moment, because the product is rather new, you may not find that much information on the internet. Here is a little more than what you can usually uncover about chalk paint. What Chalk Paint Is Read More