Why Hickory Is Still The Best Material For Your Chairs

Hickory is an extremely robust type of wood that used to be one of the most popular variants before cheaper, more available options came into prominence. However, hickory is still being used to create exquisite pieces of furniture, particularly when it comes to chairs. But what advantages do hickory chair furniture offer over its competitors? After all, with many options available to the consumer nowadays, it is important that hickory still offer something unique. Luckily, hickory chair furniture has many properties that set it apart, and above, the rest of the pack, including the following three key features. 


It cannot be overstated that hickory is one of, if not the strongest, natural woods that you can find. It is so strong that it was often used as a synonym for strong in the past when hickory was more popular. This means that your hickory chair furniture will not just last for the next five or ten years, but could easily last for several hundred if it is looked after with any amount of care. There are many hickory chairs from the 1700 and 1800s still in use or in museums that look as though they could have been built today. Compare that to some of the modern, cheaper alternatives, and it is clear hickory is better quality and worth the extra money.

Resistance To Stains

Apart from being durable, perhaps the most sought-after feature in any piece of furniture is how well it stands up to stains that it will inevitably come into contact with as part of a busy household. In this category, hickory excels as well, and with some light waxing, it can become virtually impervious to any sort of stains. Many hickory chair manufacturers will do this waxing as part of their construction process, but make sure to double-check just in case. Even without this additional protection, hickory chairs are easy to clean and keep their original color for years. 

Natural Beauty

While all wooden chairs have their own natural beauty, hickory is particularly appealing due to its light hue and minimal disturbance of big knots in the wood. It can also come in a few different colors, so it can be customized to suit your particular room's palette better. Always make sure to see some hickory furniture in person before making up your mind, as those that do seldom choose other options simply because of how alluring the hickory chairs are.