4 Tips For First-Time Home Decorators

When you first move into your own house or apartment, you have the opportunity to decorate it to your specifications. This can be a great chance to express your creative side and have fun, but it can also be daunting if you've never tried interior design before. Here are four decorating tips that will help you furnish your home in style:

1. Utilize your space more efficiently

Many people live in spaces smaller than they would like. Large homes can be prohibitively expensive. If you live in a small home or apartment, utilizing your space more efficiently can help you feel like you live somewhere bigger. Invest in furniture that's shaped in ways that maximize your floor space. Corner cabinets allow you to have extra storage space without taking up a lot of room. They come to a point in the back, so they can be fitted neatly into a corner. This is a great solution for minimalists who like to see a lot of open areas in their house.

2. Invest in antique furniture

Antique furniture was made in a different time. It was often constructed by hand, using time-tested techniques that lead to a sturdier product. When purchasing antique furniture, try to buy from reputable dealers so you know you're getting a genuine antique. Some antiques may come with certificates of authenticity. In some cases, the antique cabinets or other pieces of furniture you buy will be refinished to restore it to its former glory. The refinishing process won't take anything away from the piece but is performed with an eye toward restoration. Visit websites like thechapmancollection.com to explore your options.

3. Match your furniture

Creating a sense of harmony in a room begins when you match all your furniture to create a cohesive look. The match doesn't need to be exact, but each piece should harmonize with its fellows. Searching for pieces with similar finishes made from the same type of wood is an excellent start. In general, it's a good idea to pair dark wood with other dark wood furniture. Walnut furniture is easy to find, and it has a beautiful, natural, dark red sheen. If you purchase a walnut corner cabinet, you should try to find other pieces of walnut furniture to pair with it.

4. Add small accents.

Little details can really help pull a room together. Look for small figurines, centerpieces, or paintings that can add a sense of personality to your room. The accents are where your personal taste can really shine and can make your home feel more like your own.