Consider Your Need For Edge Support As You Evaluate Mattresses

When many people shop for a new mattress, they focus much of their attention on the price of the mattress and whether it's firm or soft. There's no debate that these factors are important to assess, but it's also important to give some consideration to the degree of edge support that the mattress provides. Some mattresses are stiff around the perimeter, while others are softer. You may strongly favor one type of over another, but if you're not sure about why style of mattress to buy, here are some topics that you should evaluate.

Falling Out Of The Bed

People often equate falling out of the bed with children, but the reality is that adults can sometimes face this issue, too. If you're a deep sleeper and also someone who moves a lot while he or she sleep, there's a chance that you could roll over onto the edge of the mattress and then promptly roll off onto the floor. The result could be a serious injury. If you're worried about falling out of bed, a mattress with better edge support can be a superior choice to one that is soft along the edge, as the former style is less apt to give way under the weight of your body.

Sitting On The Edge

Some people frequently sit on the edge of their bed at various times throughout the day. When you wake up in the morning, you might sit on the edge for a few minutes before you get up. Or, you might sit on the edge of the bed when you're putting your socks on or otherwise getting dressed. People who have either habit may favor a mattress with more edge support, as it will not cave in dramatically under their weight. This can especially be ideal if you're elderly or have back or knee issues, and might find that sinking into the mattress could make it difficult to stand up.

Sleeping On The Edge

If you have a small bed and share it with a spouse or partner, you might frequently find yourself on the edge of the mattress during parts of the night. If so, consider the two types of edge support. If you like a soft mattress, you probably don't want a mattress with hard edge support, as sleeping in this area may not be as comfortable as you'd like. Instead, a mattress that is softer along the edges may suit you best.