Bunk Beds For Your Twins: 6 Awesome Benefits Of These Double-Duty Sleeping Quarters

Your twins are probably a handful. A handful of fun, energy, and endless excitement. With your hands so full, you need to take advantage of anything that makes life easier for you, especially if it benefits the twins, too. Bunk beds fit this bill, serving double-duty in a multitude of ways.

1. Bunk Beds Are Super Space Savers

Especially if you have a small bedroom for your twins or need another bedroom for someone else, bunk beds cut the space required for sleeping considerably. That's why they're often used in military and college settings: because you can simply fit more people into less space.

2. They Offer Secret Storage

Look at different options and you'll discover a million secret storage compartments. There's space for clothes, toys, and even different attachments that fold out into desks or chairs. Your twins will enjoy having many drawers and cabinets to hide their stuff in, and you'll have an easier time finding a place for everything.

3. Bunk Beds Are Great For Pajama Parties

Some models feature trundle beds, which turns your double sleeping arrangement into a triple. When not in use, the extra bed simply slides underneath the bottom bunk. This is a great convenience for sleepovers or perhaps for stormy, scary nights when your twins don't want to be too far away from each other.

4. They Can Ultimately Save You Money

Between storage, sleeping, and attachments, bunk beds can save you a lot of money, which is very helpful when everything you're buying is doubled. While some beds can be expensive initially, most bunks are built to last and even come apart, separating into a pair of twin beds, for when your children are older.

5. Your Twins Stay Close With Bunk Beds

If your twins each prefer the top or bottom bunk, they can learn to take turns, spending one night on their favorite bunk and allowing the other twin their preference the next night. If one is braver and enjoys the climb, each of the kids can have their way all of the time. No matter what, though, they'll always be close enough that a whisper can be heard. This helps in keeping their bond tight, the way it should be.

6. Checking In On Them Is Easy

Right before you go to bed yourself, you only have one quick check to make, rolling your eyes from the bottom to the top bunk. That should make for everyone sleeping tight, with less worry and roaming around for you.

If there's something that helps you out as the parent of twins, you go for it. If it happens to be fun for the kids, too, it's a definite must-have. Bunk beds are a great way to let your twins be twins without doubling your work or worry.