How To Set Up A Living Room Around A Recliner

When it comes to living room furniture, recliners are the ultimate in comfort. These chairs, which can either be positioned in a straight-up or reclining position, are often made with plush, cushioned fabric to add to the relaxation factor.

Ideal for watching TV, reading, or even taking an afternoon nap in, reclining chairs also come in a wide range of colors to coordinate with any living room decor theme.

Once you've chosen the best recliner for your living room, it's time to work it into the overall space layout. There are several ways that you can set up a living room around a recliner to allow your family to get the most out of the comfortable piece.

Here are some ideas for working a recliner into the room: 

1. Reading Nook 

Recliners and rainy-day reading go hand-in-hand, so design a special nook in your living room just for this enjoyable activity. If you have an empty corner, preferably by a window, place the chair in it. Next, place a standing lamp with an adjustable base, which will accommodate all family members, to one side of the chair for easy reading.

Look for a multi-tasking lamp featuring a small table, which can hold books, magazine or even drinks and snack bowls as needed.

Depending on how much space you have in the nook, include either a streamlined magazine rack or a small bookcase design. You can also hang a convenient shelf or rack on a nearby wall to save even more room. 

2. Socializing Space 

If you host frequent parties and get-togethers for friends and family members, arrange the recliner close to other chairs to create a cozy conversation space for either before or after dinner. As one idea, set up two recliners with a table in the center for intimate conversations. If you have a large space, you can also include a love seat in the arrangement.

Make sure you have enough table space to hold multiple drinks and even a snack tray for convenience. 

3. Home Theater 

Create your own home theater using several recliners. For instance, hang a large-screen TV on one living room wall, and place a table in the center of the room. Arrange four or more reclining chairs, depending on how many family members you have, around the table. 

Position the chairs at slight angles facing towards the TV screen so that everyone has a good view.