Treat Yourself To A Serene And Soothing Bedroom This Winter

It is important to have a soothing and relaxing place to recharge your batteries, especially during the long winter months. Make sure that your bedroom is a space that is restful and serene, so that you can unwind and get restorative sleep when you need it most.

Some tips for creating your serene space are:

Make sure your mattress is up to par. If you are not sleeping well at night, it could be due to your mattress. You should replace your mattress at least every seven years, and using a lumpy, bumpy mattress can result in serious physical repercussions, including chronic pain and stiff muscles.

Use colors that soothe the senses. Create a soothing backdrop in your bedroom that is cohesive to sleep. Use muted colors that you enjoy looking at, and use vibrant hues for a pop throughout the space. Visit home improvement stores for paint samples to take home and try before you begin to paint the room.

Get the right light. The key to keeping your space serene and relaxing could be the lighting. Make sure that you use ambient fixtures that have adjustable settings and dimmers to best control the lighting and the impact on your tired eyes. Invest in a few task lights to use near your bed for reading or other hobbies.

Create a cozy conversation area. Make a space in your bedroom that you can sit and enjoy, without having to lie down on your bed. Your bed should be for sleeping, so if you plan on watching TV or working on other projects, bring in a comfy chair, cocktail table, or futon to accommodate these activities.

Treat your feet. Treat your feet to a warm, soft floor when you step out of bed on a winter morning. Invest in new carpet, flooring, or coverings to make your space stylish and to keep your toes toasty and comfortable.

Keep the clutter out. To ensure your space is relaxing and tranquil, take time to get rid of the clutter. Clutter is distracting, and it can agitate and stimulate you even when you are trying to unwind. Get rid of stuff, clothes, objects, and storage that is taking up space in your bedroom and preventing it from becoming a sanctuary.

Take time to create a relaxing sanctuary that restores your body and spirit after a long day. Use these tips to make-over your bedroom and transform it to a serene space that you enjoy spending time in, especially during the long, hard winter.