Come Sail Away: 4 Ways to Decorate Any Home Like a Coastal Bungalow

Whether you live on the coast or you just want to dream about it, designing a beach-like interior for your home can make you feel like you live in a secret haven. How can you go about creating that perfect beach home anywhere? Here are four great ways to get it done.

Shabby Chic. A fun and stylish way to evoke the coastal feel is by decorating in so-called "shabby chic" style. This mismatched, vintage flavor is easy to achieve on any budget because it doesn't require matching pieces or a lot of fancy accessories. Basic white or softer ivory neutrals make the home feel light and airy, and this color can be carried over into the furnishings, including distressed cabinets, dining tables, coffee tables, and comfy sofas. Complement your neutrals with carefully-placed pops of darker colors, such as focal point art pieces, patterned drapes, or a fantastic piece of artistic furniture. Shabby chic homes feel casual, warm, and comfortable. 

Ocean Colors. Using seaside hues in your home is another good way to design a beach feeling. A basic sand-colored palette on the walls and most pieces of large furniture can be married to striking shades of green, blue, mint, or turquoise that serve as accent colors. Complement this ocean color palette with ocean-based art, items found on beaches, toy boats, and seashells.

Formal Sea Decor. If you're not interested in a casual, beachy vibe, you can still incorporate coastal items in your decor. Coral, for example, can serve as a beautiful artistic sculpture for a formal living room. Other shells may be artistically arranged in brass, glass, or silver trays or containers to create a fancy decorative vignette. Add some artwork featuring waves, tall ships, or sailboats for an elegant homage to the seafaring life. Or include some in-vogue word art, such as the word "beach" or "sea" for a not-so-subtle but oh-so-classic reminder of where your heart is. 

Nautical. Embrace the sea and its lifestyle by having a ball with a nautical theme. Decorate with a soft color palette and accent with nautical memorabilia like ship's wheels, large ropes, navigating tools, brass bells, and antique ship documents. Reclaimed wood furniture, reproduction furnishings, and flowing draperies add to the naval feeling. Large stripes or a chevron pattern are perfect for the sofa, upholstered chairs, or bedding. 

No matter what type of coastal theme is right for you, you can use it to design a home that will keep you happy, relaxed, and dreaming of life beside the sea.