Upholstery Choices For Pet Owners

Whether you are choosing a new couch or chair or simply having your old one reupholstered, the fabric choice is the most important aspect. This is especially true if you own pets. You will want to pick something that can withstand damage while still looking good. There is no one right answer, but the following guide can help you make an educated choice.


Leather can be an excellent option, especially for dog owners. The thick material is typically resistant to punctures from blunt, trimmed claws, although it can be scratched. This means it isn't as good of a choice for cats, who tend to scratch with their sharp claws. As an added benefit, it can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It's moderately moisture resistant as well, which also makes it hard for odors to penetrate.

The main concern with leather is the finish. Many leathers only have a surface treatment or even a painted on finish. This means even the slightest of scratches is painfully obvious. To avoid this, opt for a dyed distressed leather. This style is made to look better with age and scratches, and the color also penetrates through so scratches are less likely to show up.


For the cat owner, microfiber provides an excellent upholstery option. The fabric is tightly woven, which makes it easier to vacuum fur from the surface, and it resists claw damage. It can be absorbent, though, which can make it more difficult to wipe clean and can increase its chances of absorbing odors. It is possible to apply a stain treatment spray to the fabric to make it easier to wipe up any accidents.

When opting for microfiber, consider going for a pattern or a fabric with a variegated color design. This will help camouflage fur and stains. There are also options that look similar to suede, if you want the look of leather upholstery without the cost.


Crypton is a newer synthetic that is, just as the name suggests, the bane of bacteria and stains. It is an anti-bacterial fabric, so it resists odors. This is because bad odors are usually the result of bacterial growth. It can be clawed up, but this isn't generally a concern if your cat doesn't scratch and if you keep your dog's nails trimmed.

You can be limited in patterns when it comes to this fabric, but you will generally have a wide choice of colors. This fabric is also not as soft as microfiber, since it has a rougher finish that makes it more damage and stain resistant.

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