5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Arranging Furniture In Your Home

Even the most perfect furniture pieces won't be able to give your room a great interior design if they're improperly arranged. Poorly arranged furniture doesn't just detract from appearances, but also functionality. 

Arranging furniture thoughtfully is vitally important to making every room of your home look and function as well as possible. For a great interior design, avoid the following five common furniture arrangement mistakes:

Overlooking functionality

Your furniture isn't just there for appearances. It has to function as well. Whether for storage, seating, or propping up electronics and artwork, a furniture piece is rarely purely ornamental.

Make sure furniture pieces are properly situated so that they can function conveniently and practically. This means allowing enough space around chairs for comfortable seating and putting a TV stand at an appropriate distance from seats to allow everyone unobstructed viewing. 

Making socializing difficult

Rooms in your house like your living room and dining room where socializing will be taking place need to be designed to bring people together. They also should be designed so that any furniture pieces that will be part of a social interaction- like a coffee table or dining room table- need to be conveniently accessible. 

Another thing to remember when arranging furniture in a social room is to prevent obstacles from blocking the line of vision between different groups in the room. 

Creating a cluttered feel

Don't get carried away when buying furniture by thinking you need to buy every furniture piece in a set. If you're filling a small room with too many furniture pieces, you're going to create obstacles and possibly an uncomfortable stuffiness.

The best way to prevent too much furniture in a room is to take measurements of the dimensions of both the room and any furniture before making a purchase. It therefore might be a good idea to bring a tape measure with you to the furniture store. 

Filling one room with furniture pieces that are all the same size

Variety and contrast are important concepts in design. If all the furniture pieces in a room are roughly the same size, the room's interior design could feel stagnant, predictable, and boring.

Mix things up a bit. You want to create a dynamic design that bounces the viewer's eye around different objects of focus like furniture pieces. Avoid predictable symmetry by placing a larger object on one side of the room and counterbalancing it with numerous smaller objects on the other side. Visit furniture stores for more info and advice.