Turning Barn Wood Into Beautiful Decor

Barn wood is usually weathered and worn, but it can make for some really lovely home decor project ideas. If you have access to this type of wood and want to repurpose it, here are some crafty ideas to try at home that will add interest to your interior design.

Shapes And Letters

You can take old barn wood and cut it into a variety of fun shapes, letters, and numbers. Using a woodworker's pencil, create the outline for the shape you want and then just cut it using a hand saw. You can use this method to make creative house numbers, decorate a child's room, or to make a fun sign for a yard sale or even a wedding. You can leave the barn wood raw or stain it or paint it to the desired color.

Rustic Headboard

You can create a beautiful, rustic style headboard using several pieces of barn wood. Nail the pieces together while they are laying horizontally, and then cut them to the length and width of the headboard. Be sure to sand the headboard down thoroughly so it has a smooth surface, and then finish it with wood stain in the color that goes best with your bedroom's color scheme. You can also paint the headboard in a pretty color for a softer look.

Garden Ideas

If you want to keep the barn wood outside, there are plenty of things you can do to add it to your garden. Create a simple box planter using several pieces of barn wood. Make the planter using different shades of the wood for added interest. You can also craft a simple potter's table using a few piece of the wood that will make a great place to store pots, gardening tools, and dirt outside. Another great use for barn wood outdoors is to take small slices of it and use it as plant labels for your garden. Simply write on the piece of wood using a marker to identify the plant, and stick it in the dirt.

Crafty Shelving

Since barn wood is so versatile, you can use it to make shelving for a number of applications. Piece some wood together to make a unique and rustic china shelf, or add it to the wall using anchors for a creative and unique way to store decorative items or books. Barn wood is a great, versatile material that can enhance the look of your home. Using these simple tips, see what you can come up with to repurpose this material for your own personalized home decor, just like reclaimed wood décor by MyBarnwoodFrames.com.