Mastering The Art Of Multi-Purpose Furniture In Your Micro-Home

Designing a micro-home is a great project that brings a lot of benefits -- simpler living, less clutter, less maintenance and a more focused existence. But it can be daunting to figure out how to fit all that you need to have a comfortable home into something that may be only 15 to 40 square meters. The trick is to choose multi-functional furnishings whenever possible. Check out these 7 ideas to get you started. 

Wall-Mounted Desk. Create a work space that can be tucked away by using a fold-down wall-mounted work table. Secure the desk in its lowered position by using a single leg for support. The flipped-up desk can then be hidden away in a small frame -- and you can even use that frame to create a fun piece of wall art. 

Table-to-Bed Conversion. Take inspiration from camping trailers and RVs when designing multi-use furniture. For example, most trailers have a table that converts into a twin or double bed. You can recreate this at home by mounting the table and benches on a wall. Use a sliding single leg to raise and lower the table into each position. 

Built-In Benches. A set of custom benches can be the easiest way to add storage to your kitchen or living room area. The benches can be built with a large, enclosed space below the seats that can be used to store some of the bulkier items you require -- like extra blankets, kitchen appliances or winter clothing. 

Use the Stairs. If your micro-home has a second level or loft that you must use stairs to reach, consider ways to make use of the empty space below the stairs. Start with designing stairs with a narrow footprint, and use the space underneath them for shelving or storage drawers. 

Pocket Doors. A traditional swinging door requires space on one or both sides to allow the door to swing. Avoid this wasted space by opting for sliding doors or so-called "pocket doors." Pocket doors are collapsible, accordion-style doors that fold into one side of the door jamb and need little room. 

Murphy Bed Units. Unless you use a loft for sleeping in your micro-home, a Murphy bed is the best option. This bed that folds up vertically into a cabinet when not in use is a simple and welcome addition to any tiny home. Add a modern touch by designing a unit that not only houses the vertical bed but also includes built-in closet space, storage cabinets, drawers or even a fold-down desk. 

All-in-One Units. As micro-homes are becoming more popular, more furniture is being designed to encompass all the functions of a room or activity in one single unit. An all-in-one kitchen, for example, may be an armoire-style cabinet that opens to reveal all the basic functions of a kitchen -- small sink, two-burner stove top, counter space, mini-fridge underneath, hanging microwave and lots of shelves for storing bowls, dishes, utensils, spices and serving dishes.

For more information about furniture design, contact Senetics or a similar company.