When Brown Meets White, It’s A Decorating Delight For A Living Room Makeover

When it comes to colors that match delightfully, you need to look no further than brown and white. Sophisticated, yet simple, the combination of brown and white works well for both traditional and contemporary decorating styles.

Knowing how to coordinate brown and white in interior design will add a perfect balance of color to your living room.

Options for walls and trim

The color you choose for the walls will determine what color of paint you should use for the trim. For instance, if you go with a medium or chocolate brown for the walls, choose a crisp white paint for accenting the doorway and window trim.

If you prefer white for the walls, painting the trim a rich shade of brown will create a dramatic contrast against the white walls. You can also consider painting three of the walls white and painting one wall in a shade of deep brown for a contemporary look.

Fabulous floors

Once you complete your walls and trim, you will be ready to select your flooring. Balance out the color of the room by choosing the floor color based on the color you selected for your walls.

For example, if you painted your walls a deep brown, choose a white or off-white color in the flooring material you prefer. For light-colored walls, choose a dark brown flooring.

For adding a perfect balance of color, choose an accent rug in a geometric, checked, or floral design in white and brown.

Choosing the right furniture

The sky is the limit when you visit your local furniture store. The brown and white decorating theme opens up limitless options when it comes to selecting furniture. It's all about the style you prefer, so choose what you love most.

You can't go wrong with white or brown wooden furnishings, but don't rule out black furniture either. Black looks very sophisticated when paired with brown and white.

For a palette that looks like it was pulled straight from nature, choose a sofa or love seat in a mossy green fabric with wooden arm rests and legs. Earthy shades of green work beautifully with brown and white.

For a modern look, don't be afraid to pair bold colors with brown and white. Look for sofas and chairs in bright shades of red, orange, or yellow to provide a dramatic pop of color to the room.

Balancing it all out

Once you have your room completed and your furniture in place, you can choose your curtains and accent pieces. Select plain brown or white curtains if you want to maintain a neutral theme in the room.

Select patterned curtains to contrast with solid-colored furnishings. If the sofa and chairs are made of a patterned material, choose curtains in a solid color to avoid overpowering the room with too many prints.

Add a pop of color with picture frames, vases, and candle holders in colors that coordinate with your furnishings.

Brown and white truly do make decorating a delight. The color scheme opens up the door to a wide variety of options in furnishings and home décor. From contemporary to sophisticated, brown and white will blend together perfectly to give you the room of your dreams. Contact a local furniture store for further assistance.