3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Dining Room Furniture

Your dining room should be your favorite place in the home to entertain. After all, this room is where you gather to eat, do homework, and enjoy hobbies or conversation together. If your dining room could use a little oomph, try any of these 3 ways to give your furnishings the boost they need.

Mix and match cushions and place settings

Mixing color schemes and patterns on your dining room table and chairs is actually pretty chic. Choose your favorite hues, such as turquoise and gold or rose and burnt orange, and alternate these colors on your chair cushions or table settings. Or, go wild and choose patterns for one chair and polka dots for the next, following similar color schemes in each. The results will be a cheeky and charming way to brighten your dining room table and chairs.

Go bold with color

If your classic dining room table or chairs are looking dark and dated, try sprucing them up with some color. Painting your furniture a bold white, cream or black can really make your furnishings stand out and look more contemporary. Complete the look by adding a glass tabletop cover to turn your dining room furniture into modern pieces you'll love.

If you really want to be daring, use painter's tape to add stripes in a metallic hue, such as gold, bronze, or silver to table and chair legs. A single straight edge of metallic color can make any dining room furnishing a true conversation piece.

Add charming furnishings

A dining room should also be a room comfortable for lounging in. In addition to traditional dining room tables and chairs, you can add a bookshelf, loveseat, chaise, or even a rocking chair to this room. This way, people can feel comfortable sitting at the table or relaxing in another piece of furniture while others eat or entertain in the same room. If you don't have a lot of space for more furniture, place a few odd bar stools along your wall--they don't take up a lot of space and can be moved anywhere in the room for additional seating as needed.

Your dining room should be all about enjoyment and entertainment. The right decor and additional pieces can turn your dining room furniture into lovely pieces you will enjoy using. From cheeky color schemes and patterns to charming furnishings to complete your room, you can make your dining area unique and fun for everyone.