Three Reasons You Should Glaze Your Furniture

Many furniture designers continue to put out fantastic new shapes and colors of furniture. However, some consumers don't necessarily want a contemporary-style piece with its hard edges, but rather the more graceful lines of furniture from 50 or 60 years ago. But generally, furniture from that era needs some work. Many do-it-yourselfers are up to the challenge of re-thinking a piece and giving it vibrance with a new coat of paint. You may choose to find, in thrift or antique stores, unique pieces of furniture that you can re-finish and then re-purpose, but you might not want it to lose its "antique" look. Furniture glaze offers a new way to look at an old piece. 

Three Reasons to Use Glaze on Your Newly Refinished Furniture

  1. Accent Lines - Many older pieces of furniture have distinctive lines worked into the wood itself. These narrow grooves, often of the French or Country styles, begin to disappear in the refinishing process. Sanding lowers or changes them and painting can fill them in. But when you add glaze to over the top of the paint or stain, the lines can be highlighted in a beautiful way. Glaze slips into the grooves and makes the lines of the furniture stand out. This gives furniture a depth of character that is often not found in newer pieces.
  2. Furniture Protection - Glaze also performs the same function as polyurethane. It helps to protect a piece of furniture from insects and moisture. Additionally, glazing can add a lovely sheen to the furniture, which can help an older piece feel revived.
  3. Patina of the Past - Finally glaze offers a wonderful way to add a patina to the piece of furniture. As mentioned above, adding glazes helps the lines of the furniture to stand out, but it also covers the entire piece in such a way that the original color of the piece is deepened and aged. This patina of the past helps even new pieces of furniture to stand out and gives new life to older pieces that have been re-finished.

Glaze is being used on wood of all types. For example, glaze can be used on painted moldings in a home to achieve the same effects and benefits as is achieved on refinished furniture. If you would like to see a piece of furniture renewed, look into what wood glazes might offer. You can also contact a profesional refinishing company, like Leisure Furniture & Powder Coating Inc.