Learn How an Apprasier Determines the Value of an Antique

If a loved one recently passed away and you are in charge of holding the estate sale to clear out their house, it is important to know the value of the items that you will be selling. You do not want to make the mistake of pricing something for too low and missing out on potential profits. You should hire an appraiser to look at any antiques that you plan to sell. Here are factors the appraiser will take into consideration when determining the value of the pieces.

The Age

How old the item is directly affects its value. Older items are often worth more money than newer items. There will often be unique marks or stamps on the pieces that the appraiser can use to establish when the items were created.

The Authenticity

The same marks that indicate when the items were made can also indicate where they were made and by whom. The appraiser will be able to compare the marks on the items you have against marks that are on items known to be authentic. This allows them to determine if your piece is authentic or a replica.

The Rarity

There are some very old items that are not very valuable because so many of them were made. Items that were mass produced are not as valuable as rare items because they are not as hard to find. If the item is very rare, it could be worth a fortune.

The Condition

The condition of the item will greatly impact its value. Items that have been painted or that have missing parts will not be as valuable as the items that are in pristine condition. The appraiser will be able to let you know the value of the item in its current condition and if there is anything you can do to make it more valuable. If you are able to replace missing parts or have broken parts repaired, the pieces will automatically have more value and possibly be easier to sell.

Once these factors are considered, the appraiser, one like Bucks County Estate Traders, will determine how much each item is worth. The value of the items and what people are willing to pay may differ greatly though. Be willing to compromise if someone wants to negotiate with you for the price of an item. It is better to get some money for the items rather than not sell anything at your estate sale.