2 Tips For Buying Children’s Furniture When Your Child Has Mobility Challenges

If your son or daughter has recently been diagnosed with mobility issues, adapting or changing their furniture may become necessary. Fortunately, there are many options for changing children's furniture. Some types of furniture can be modified again in the future, as their health needs dictate in the future. 

Tips For The Bed

As soon as your child graduates from their crib and goes into a larger bed, modifying the bed will be necessary. For instance, to encourage independence, a lower bed is often a good idea. Bed rails obviously help keep them from rolling out of the bed during the night, but they also provide extra support when it is time to get out of the bed. 

However, it is crucial to make sure that the rails are as sturdy as possible, in order to be safely used. You will also want to avoid any sharp edges and that may involve buying a higher quality head and foot board. Higher quality furniture is often made of heavier wood and therefore, will be less likely to fall apart or cause injury as your child grows.

Ideas For Safer Children's Furniture In The Kitchen

You are probably already aware that doorways can be expanded in many homes to provide space for the wheelchairs to get through. However, it is also important to note that cabinets, refrigerator doors and even dishwashers can also be adapted.

Today's technology allows many disabled children to enjoy a good quality of life and adapting your home is part of that. A lowered dishwasher and shelves provide an opportunity to participate in household chores, just as any other child would be expected to. 

If your child is not quite ready for that, another idea for a safer area is the use of a child's table or stool in the kitchen. If balance issues are a problem, it can be placed over a soft rug. This idea is useful because it is the ideal transitional seat from a high chair or booster seat to a normal chair. You can also find tables of this type with seat belts and if you choose a plastic table, it will be easy to clean. Look for children's furniture at a company like Baby Furniture Warehouse Store.

In conclusion, planning for the permanent mobility issues of a child, regardless of their age, can be both challenging and expensive. However, by allowing as much independence as possible and teaching them they can take care of themselves, they may be more likely to be independent as an adult