Tips On Mixing Furniture Styles

When you're laying out the furniture in your home, you may find that you have to combine diverse styles in the same interior. While you may have some modern furniture, it's fairly likely that you'll have to mix them in with some more traditional looking home decor features and furniture pieces. 

The following are a few tips on mixing different furniture styles to create interiors that look harmonious and attractive:

Try out a few different layouts

You're likely to find that the best interior designs result from planning and experimenting with different ideas. You should look at placing the furniture in your room as a work in progress. If you're artistically inclined, you might even find that doing some sketches of possible layouts helps you arrive upon the best possible solutions.

Create a balanced look

A balanced furniture setup can help to unite diverse furniture pieces so that they create a look that's complete. Consider more than just the size of furniture pieces and accessories when balancing out your rooms. You should also pay attention to colors and textures.

It's a good idea to contrast large scale, bold patterns in furniture and decorations with portions of your room that feature solid or neutral colors. Anywhere you're using busy patterns, you should counter them with neutral layers for some visual relief. 

Try upholstering

Upholstering a traditional furniture piece can revamp its look. This can help an old but beloved furniture piece fit in to a more modern looking design scheme.

You can upholster an antique or old-fashioned furniture piece with a modern-looking fabric to revitalize its appearance and create a contemporary feel.

Use textures to your advantage

Furniture pieces feature particular textures depending on the materials they're made of and their tactile qualities. Pay careful attention to your furniture pieces when thinking about texture. Small details such as stitching or a fabric's thickness can have subtle influences on the texture of a piece of furniture. 

Texture can be created or added to furniture using techniques like exposing upholstery seams or using throw blankets or pillows. 

Consider colors

The colors in your furniture pieces should complement the color of your room's walls and floors if you want everything to blend together well. Remember to use fewer colors in your color scheme in a room with furniture and decor accessories that include busy multicolored patterns. This will help you to avoid a room that looks visually and stylistically cacophonous.

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