3 Tools That Can Make College Hassle-Free

Getting through college in and of itself can be hard, but there are certain tools that you can purchase to make college a whole lot easier on you. This article will discuss 3 tools that can make college much easier for you. 


Over the past ten years collage students have become almost completely reliant on computers for homework, which means it is important to have a portable one of your own. You will need to submit most of your assignments online, via some type of learning center that your college provides. Also, most teachers require you to type most papers and other reports. Having a computer of your own will make writing these assignments that much easier for you. Lastly, taking notes on your computer is a great option because many people type faster than they write. A laptop is excellent for taking to and from classes because it is compact, and most backpacks have a secure pocket specifically for a laptop.


Often times, you will need to scan certain pages out of a large book to upload them to your computer. You also may need to scan assignments that you have handwritten, so that you can turn them in online. Many scanners allow you to convert pages into PDFs, which makes it very easy for you to upload them to your college's online learning center or attach them to an email. While most college campuses will have scanners in certain locations, having a scanner of your own will making scanning more convenient for you. It will also likely save you money in the long run because you won't have to pay each time you use a scanner.


While many assignments are submitted online, some teachers will still want you to turn in a hard copy. Also, you may want a hard copy of notes or assignments for yourself for study purposes. To get a hard copy of these things, you are going to need a printer. Also, if you have notes from your friends that you are going to be using, or a document that your teacher let your borrow, you may want to copy them so that you have a hard copy of your own. Purchasing a printer that has a copier built into it will allow you to get the best of both worlds in one machine. You will use this machine all of the time, and it will probably pay for itself within your first semester of college.